Dulces Mexicanos

May 19, 2022 · 2 minute read
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I’m writing here to list some of the mexican candy I’ve given, as well as allergens and a little bit of context about em. Basically all things here might contain nuts, so proceed at your own risk.


Amaranth with honey, a.k.a “mexican rice krispies” but instead of rice, amaranth.


Coconut and sweetened condensed milk, it reminds me of being in the beach,

Dulce de Leche

One of my favorites, it’s milk, sugar and cinnamon they get their brown color from the caramel in sugar.



Glorias are a cajeta (mexican caramel?) and nut based based candy which has a great consistency.

Oblea de Cajeta

An oblea (wheat flour, water, corn oil, sugar) with cajeta (mexican caramel). I could snack on these forever!

Oblea de Pepita

An oblea (wheat flour, water, corn oil, sugar) with pepita (candied pumpking seeds).


Roasted peanut bar, with seeds, and can contain piloncillo or honey

“Piloncillo is made by crushing sugar cane and collecting the juice. The sugar cane juice is then boiled and reduced to a thick syrup (similar to molasses). Then, the syrup is poured into molds and dried. The word piloncillo means “little loaf”, which is a traditional shape in which the sugar is molded.” [1]

Tamarind Candy

Tamarind Candy is a candy made from the tamarind fruit, mixed with sugar to get that acid and sweet candy. The pulp is molded to a ball and mixed with sugar.

Hope you enjoy your bag of sweets!

Daniel & Ellie.

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